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Design Lorenz Studios is an umbrella under which my many passions find expression. The name was created by my late husband, Dr. Douglas Lorenz, a scientist, artist, life partner who taught me so many things. One of the most valuable was that you don’t need to go to Africa to help people (and who doesn’t want to go to Africa and help people?). That there is plenty to be done in your own back yard.

This site is about my back yard and the organizations I have founded and/or support to help make life more promising for a whole range of fellow world citizens including myself.

In Focus Foundation

The Clean Hands Project

Womenade Circle

SERVAS International/Washington DC Chapter

Molly’s World

Whimsical Wearables




About Design Lorenz studios


“Our battered suitcases

piled on the sidewalk


we had longer ways to go.

But no matter, the road

is life.

Jack Kerouac