poetry for expressing the soul

Sly Old Dog

You there dog, you

lying outside the screen door.

You sly old dog,

eyes closed in pretend sleep.

Even the hint of movement in the kitchen

will have you springing to your feet,

nose pressed against the screen

in expectation.

The faintest sound of collar and leash

sends you air born,

barking with expectation

and delight.

Through those nearly closed eyes,

you are ever watchful for the slightest stir

in the yard, quickly analyzing

time, space and speed to determine

if the chase is worth while.

You, sly old dog,

you would wait forever

for me to emerge in the morning light

to scratch your ears and pat your

shaggy head.

So many have come and gone

in my life.

Most did not wait for me.

Here, old dog, here’s a treat

just for waiting.

© Mollyworks 2008

This is Sasha. He has gone to a place where his owner NEVER gets tired of throwing a ball.